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The Columbia Valley “On the warm side of the Rockies”.

radium mapRadium Hot Springs caters to simple pleasures: balmy days on championship golf courses, alpine meadows bristling with wildflowers, leisurely strolls through pine-scented forest, soaring mountainscapes, warm soaks in the therapeutic depths of a natural hot spring, riveting sunsets…

When the World Was New, Entrepreneurial visionaries transformed raw wilderness into mountain sanctuary. They used the springs which bubbled through rock crevices and settled in steaming pools as their drawing card. Today, the area’s recreational repertoire has expanded to embrace Heli-skiers in winter and flight seers in summer. The nearby Bugaboo Mountain range is international acclaimed by mountaineers while valley folds lure birdwatchers to rivers alive with marshland fowl. Sheer cliffs and surging snow-fed streams characterize Height-of-the -Rockies Wilderness Preserve, a favorite with hikers and trail riders and the protected habitat of wolf, coyote, lynx, wolverine and grizzly bear.

Charming Radium Hot Springs has averted the commercialism prevalent in points east and retains much of its original charisma. Like the hospitality of its residents, the ambiance is uncomplicated, relaxed and comfortable. Its long summer is ablaze with colour. Flowers spill over window boxes and roadside planters. Lush greenery covers mountainsides and presses onto golf courses considered some of the best in the province. Lake Windermere’s warm beaches and sandy shores are minutes away and promise excellent swimming and a wide variety of aquatic activities.

Activities Year around Rest and Relax, Enjoying Panoramic Views Majestic Mountain Peaks and Experience Nature

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