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What Doesn’t Work So Well

No doubling up on sites, no extra vehicles on sites.  We designed the space between sites to be just that: empty space to give you elbow room.  We provide some guest parking in various places throughout the park for extra vehicles (but we don’t have unlimited amounts.)

Our WiFi is a SHARED outdoor network.  There are nine transmitters in the park, located in switch rooms where we have access to the 1Gb fibre connections.  Strength of signal varies based on proximity to the transmitter and obstacles in the way, such as trees and other RVs.  Individual users are limited to 20 Mb in order to avoid having a few high demand users dominating all the available bandwidth.  It is great for checking emails and cruising the web.  Our WiFi is NOT set up for streaming or audio.  Shared outdoor wifi is not the same as the private wifi you set up in your home.

No tenting.  We’re all RVs now.   Screened dining gazebos are fine.  

No pets running free.  We’re pet friendly, but we need all guests to be diligent about making sure that their pets are on leashes at all times, quiet, and cleaned up after. 

No trailered boats.  We understand that for some guests, their boat is a big part of their vacation fun.  We just don’t have the room to park them among the RV sites.   You’re welcome to leave them in the parking area at the top of our driveway.  We can also suggest marinas and fenced storage facilities if you prefer.

No loud, late nights.  We’re trying to provide a relaxing environment for our guests.  Quiet time is 10 PM.  And at all times, your neighbours should be able to hear their music, but not yours.

No fast driving.  This should be a common-sense issue, but we still get the odd person in a big hurry.  One of the things families love about the park is that kids can play safely on their bikes and scooters on our smooth paved roads.  Please keep your speed very slow.  (Our conception of an RV park is that it’s like a marina: a ‘no-wake’ zone where you idle through the interior roads before resuming speed on the open highway.)